I Make Digital Beautiful.

I’m a creative front-end developer and designer.

Who is This Guy?

I’ve been designing, building, updating, working with clients, working with teams, and all around, making websites happen since 2010.

I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go in that time. I’ve also seen some trends turn into standards too. The great things about working in this field aren’t all the buzzwords or the latest frameworks; it’s the people and the ever-changing challenges.

I work with design, UX, UI, and front-end development. I love making websites easy to use and look really neat.

Making the Magic Happen

My Process

What I do

There’s no such thing as being good at “Web Development.” The industry is much too broad. So here’s a list of areas of web development where I have excelled and the tools l like to use. Let’s see if it fits your team.

Tools I Use

Skills and Languages

UI Design

Fluent in Ai, Ps, and paper and pencil. My original passion was fine art, and I received a BFA in 2000. I realized what I loved about art was the unique way it communicates, directs, and organizes. Now I love user interface design.

UX Design

Before the term UX existed, we’d been doing UX design with websites, clients, and users. Thankfully, it’s now a defined process given the attention it needs and deserves. Good user experience doesn’t happen by accident!


Because of my eleven years of experience with these two markup languages, I can comfortably say I’ve mastered their ever-evolving techniques, tricks, and otherwise tomfoolery.


It started with JavaScript, then jQuery, and now we are back to vanilla JavaScript. I can’t claim to know this beast as well as HTML and CSS, but JS is no stranger to me. I couldn’t have survived making websites all these years without some mastery here.


I started out early on as a Drupal developer and then moved to a smorgasbord of other CMS’s all of which are written in PHP. I’ve picked up a thing or two and can write a function or loop through an array with the best of them.


WordPress and Drupal are kings, but that didn’t stop me from also building in Craft, Modx, Shopify, BigCommerce, WebFlow, Squarespace… Did I forget one? Probably.

Selected Client Works


I worked with the client, designers, and other developers to create this fresh site for NCWIT.

Project Details

Stites & Harbison

On a team of front-end developers. Utilizing Tailwind, WebPack, Twig, and the Craft CMS.

Project Details


Worked with the client and our designer to develop this greenfield project from the ground up.

Project Details

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Aaron Longwell

Josh was exceptional at Claremont. Although he was only tasked with design maintenance of our corporate website, he quickly learned HAML, SASS, and Ruby on Rails to allow our development team to utilize his talents in all of our applications. He’s a quick learner, has a top-notch work ethic, and pays attention to detail. It’d be a pleasure to work with Josh again.

Aaron Longwell

Culture Foundry – Chief Technology Officer

Stacey Rice

Josh has an impeccable eye for design, and his style is clean and modern, with great attention to detail. Along with his excellent design ability, Josh is a welcome teammate and is always willing to help, whether it be perfecting a design, teaching co-workers new techniques, or helping to improve department processes. Josh always goes above and beyond to give clients their perfect website and always puts in the extra time to do so. I am constantly impressed by how much effort Josh puts into learning new coding languages and different CMS platforms. The only thing I don’t like about Josh is that he’s no longer on my team.

Stacey Rice

Page 1 Solutions – UX/UI Designer and Developer

Alexander Volpe

I’ve worked with many graphic and web designers across several companies, and Josh is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He consistently delivers clean, attractive designs and has all the code chops you’d never expect from such a good graphics guy. Josh is an incredible asset to any team.

Alexander Volpe

Claremont Information Systems – Chief Executive Officer