Janus Henderson Investors

Client: Janus Henderson Investors
Role: WordPress Developer
Engagement Period: 2022 – Present

Project Overview:

At Janus Henderson Investors, a prominent financial investment firm, my role as a WordPress Developer has been pivotal in enhancing and modernizing the digital infrastructure that supports over 40 international websites. These projects, housed within the WordPress Multisite platform, demand precision, regulatory compliance, and a keen eye for brand consistency across diverse markets.

Key Contributions:

  • Optimization of Site Translations: Spearheaded the transition from an intricate and inefficient WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) setup to the streamlined SaaS solution, Smartling. This strategic move simplified the management of site translations across the company’s extensive network of translated websites, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Custom API System Management: Entrusted with the oversight and execution of custom API systems that are critical for data dissemination across the websites. My focus on accuracy and reliability ensures compliance with stringent legal standards, while my agility facilitates swift adaptations to evolving data requirements and regulations.
  • Brand Consistency Enforcement: Collaborated closely with project managers and the design team to uniformly apply the company’s branding across all digital platforms. My responsibilities encompassed the governance of brand assets, imagery, and design patterns, ensuring their consistent and accurate representation.
  • Innovative Web Technology Adoption: Proactively engaged in the upkeep and enhancement of website accessibility and performance. My forward-looking approach has set the stage for the adoption of a headless CMS, aiming to reduce dependencies on third-party plugins and keep abreast of the latest web technologies.

Future Initiatives:

I am currently leading efforts towards the implementation of a headless CMS architecture, marking a significant leap towards greater efficiency and flexibility in content management. This initiative is part of our broader strategy to minimize reliance on third-party plugins, ensuring that Janus Henderson Investors stays at the forefront of digital innovation in the financial sector.