Janus Henderson Investors – Investment Trust

Client: Janus Henderson Investors
Role: WordPress Developer
Engagement Period: 2022 – Present

Project Overview:

In my recent project, I had the pleasure of spearheading the development of the Janus Henderson Investment Trust website, a comprehensive platform designed to showcase investment opportunities and insights. This project offered a unique blend of challenges and learning opportunities, allowing me to leverage my expertise in both front-end and back-end development to deliver a robust, dynamic user experience.

Dynamic Data Integration via API

One of the cornerstone features of the website is its dynamic content, driven by real-time data. To achieve this, I developed a seamless integration with an external API, which pulls in up-to-date investment data. This integration ensures that the website displays the latest investment figures and trends, providing users with accurate and timely information to guide their decisions.

WordPress Multisite for Rich Content Distribution

Understanding the importance of engaging and informative content in the investment sector, I implemented a WordPress Multisite setup for the website’s blog, products, and bio sections. This setup utilizes a broadcast system, enabling efficient distribution and management of blog posts across multiple related sites. By leveraging WordPress Multisite, I was able to ensure a cohesive content strategy that enhances user engagement and drives traffic.

Custom Templating for a Unique Brand Experience

To ensure that the “Janus Henderson Investment Trust” website stands out in the competitive investment landscape, I crafted custom templates for the theme. These templates were designed with the brand’s unique identity in mind, providing a tailored user experience that aligns with Janus Henderson’s values and market positioning. The custom templating also allows for flexibility and scalability, accommodating future brand evolution and website growth.

Modular Design with Custom Blocks

In line with modern web development best practices, I employed a modular design approach by creating custom blocks. These blocks facilitate reusable patterns and code, enabling efficient updates and enhancements to the website. The custom blocks feature allows content creators to assemble web pages with ease, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness across the site while enabling creativity and personalization.


Developing the Janus Henderson Investment Trust website was a fulfilling journey that allowed me to delve deep into both the technical and creative aspects of web development. By integrating dynamic data, leveraging WordPress Multisite, and implementing custom templating and blocks, I was able to deliver a website that not only meets the client’s needs but also provides a seamless, engaging user experience. This project stands as a testament to my dedication to excellence in web development, showcasing my ability to navigate complex requirements and deliver comprehensive solutions.