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  • Why is Mac Better for Web Dev?

    Why is Mac Better for Web Dev?

    An objective case for why some web and WordPress developers prefer using Macintosh (Mac) computers for their work

  • Cleanshot X

    Cleanshot X

    This is the radest screenshot app I’ve ever used. Totally worth the $30 bucks. You can share, annotate, grab text from images, SCROLL CAPTURE (no more need for browser-specific page capture plugins), remove icons from your desktop, GIFS, and video capture. This thing slices and dices!!

  • Setup a Block as a Plugin

    Setup a Block as a Plugin

    WordPress made a rad package that sets up webpack, Babel, and all the other packages we need to run React for WordPress Blocks.

  • Hipster Ipsum

    Hipster Ipsum

    When it comes to testing and Ipsum, Hipsters are the best. If you need an image or two, has some great options built right in.

  • Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    Just some happy ipsum can live right over here Just go back and put one little more happy tree in there.