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  • Vue Directives

    Vue Directives

    Vue provides a number of built-in directives. The exact number might depend on the version you’re using, but here’s a general list of some commonly used directives in Vue 2.x and Vue 3.x

  • Vue Life Cycle Hooks

    Vue Life Cycle Hooks

    Vue’s lifecycle hooks give you a way to run custom logic at different stages of a component’s life. It’s a lot like those milestones in life—being born, going to school, getting a job, etc. Each stage presents a unique opportunity to do something meaningful.

  • Computed Property in Vue

    Computed Property in Vue

    Computed properties are a super handy feature that allows you to define functions that are cached based on their dependencies and are only re-evaluated when one of those dependencies changes.

  • Vue.js Models

    Vue.js Models

    In Vue.js, models are used to bind data to form inputs and update the data when the input changes. This allows for two-way data binding between the view and the model.

  • Understanding Vue.js Components and Props: A Practical Example

    Understanding Vue.js Components and Props: A Practical Example

    In the world of web development, Vue.js has rapidly gained popularity as a progressive JavaScript framework for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces. With its simplicity and versatility, Vue.js has become a developer favorite.